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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Laughing at Myself...

I just read the post I did in February about RedDudeCat and how I didn't think he was my cat, timing was wrong, etc. I almost laughed myself off the chair.

In case anyone wants to know what happened to Red in the last few months...I ADOREADOREADORE this kitty. He is the light of my life kittywise. He's nuts. He's funny. He's snuggly. He's adorable. And he loves me right back. He's beautiful and I love him so much I could just nibble on his little pink toes (except that I know where they've been). ;) He truly is a gem of a kitty and I know Freckles told him to come make me laugh because I would need it. I still miss my Freckles terribly and always will but I love that he sent me this wonderful kitty to keep me company until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you Freckles...heart of my heart...

OK. Before I make myself start to cry I'm going to get my tush up and go make some beads or something. It's hot as all get out in Chicago today so I'm not doing anything that requires a lot of activity today! Hope you all have wonderful days!

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one-eared pig said...

I am glad Red is in your life! And you know that we all knew he was staying the minute you mentioned him... :)