This is going to be about me. I'm going to talk about glass, PMC, cooking, recipes, limoncello(!), cats and just pretty much whatever I feel like talking about at the time. Hope you stick around with me.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lemon or Banana?

Don is cooking Saturday night and we're having friends over. He's going to make salad, crawfish etouffee and have some nice crusty bread. Yummm, huh? So I get to make desert. I have about a million little tart pans so I'm going make something that will fit in them. At first I was thinking about lemon tarts. I LOVE lemon tarts and they're pretty easy to make so it seems like a no brainer. Then I decided that maybe banana cream pie would be good. So I have everything to make banana cream pies and now I want to do lemon. Maybe I should do both. I'm thinking about doing lemon and tarting them up a bit. hahahaha. I'm going to put blueberries on them and then make some blue/purple whipped cream and pipe it on like violets. I may have to take a picture.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been a good day so far for me, how about for you? Don took me for a haircut and manicure this morning. That's always a nice start, right? Then we went for lunch to Mr. Beef. Not terribly romantic but pretty darn tasty. LOL They have great Italian Beef sammiches although their gardinaria kind of sucks. Give me HOT, not bland. I always ask for triple extra and it still isn't hot enough for me.
Then we went off hunting for real Polenta. We got everything for dinner yesterday except the polenta. Our local grocery kind of sucks but I still thought they'd have it. I had some great real, long cooking polenta here but when we got those stinkin' little moths in the pantry that had to go to. I'm starting to wonder if I brought it home from Italy. Anyway...I figured that if any place had it the great little Italian grocery on Taylor Street would have it. You just don't get any more Italian than this little grocery on Taylor. They had that ick in tubes and the instant crap. No. I want REAL polenta. You know. The kind like real oatmeal. The one that you actually have to cook for 45 minutes or so. The yummy kind. That's what I want. Can you believe it?!
So off we went to Whole Foods. Tube crap and instant crap there too. But we did find some finally in the 'exotic grain' section. YAY!!! Life is wonderful, right? Nope. I don't know why I just assumed that because it was organic and all natural it would be REAL. Aaaarrrrrghghghghg! I really hope the Macarpone cheese will take care of the taste (or lack thereof).
So what's for dinner, you ask. I'm starting with a Baby Greens Salad with cherry tomatoes, dried blueberries (if we have them), sunflower seeds and a cranberry/walnut dressing. Then we're having Osso Buco on Mascarpone Polenta. Desert will either be cheese or cake. I have my homemade (by me) Limoncello to settle it all down afterwards.
The house is really starting to smell good. I suppose I should go start doing something else in the kitchen now.
Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun, fun, fun!

First you get to see some rather bad pics of some beads I made last week. The beads actually look pretty good but I have trouble photographing those silver organic beads. Doing the photographs on a paper towel doesn't help either. Maybe once I get Kevan's tutorial I'll be able to figure out PhotoshopCS.

Or maybe not...who knows. LOL I'd just be happy if I could get the darn pictures straight on here.

So anyway I had a great day yesterday. My friends Darby and Janien have a hot glass studio in Indiana. It sounds like a long way away but it's really only about 45 or 50 minutes from my house. The weather totally sucked yesterday and we still got there in about an hour. I did torch but I don't think the Bead Gods were with me because I couldn't shape a decent bead to save me. I hate it when all I do is torture glass.
Darby was pulling cane and I actually helped a little bit. Not much but I can pretend, can't I? I've seen pictures of the process but have never actually seen it done. The glass was melted down cullet. I think the definition of cullet is basically broken up pieces of glass but there might be more to it than that. This particular cullet was Spectrum 96 glass and was the bits leftover from making sheet glass. Darby melted it down in a giant crucible at around 2100 F first. He then fires up the glory hole and puts a big rod in it (got your interest yet? LOL) to heat up a bit. He puts the rod in the molten glass and gets a small amount, relatively speaking for a glass beadmaker, on the end. He then shapes it with a very wet wooden mold into a nice round mass. After several times of this there's enough glass to pull. I held the rod end and he took the molten blob with a pair of giant square shears and pulled it down into about a 5-6mm around rod. I think the pull was probably about 30 feet long. It was basically from one end of his studio to the other. You let it cool for a bit and then cut it into workable lengths, usually about 13 or 14 inches long.
It was cold and windy in Indiana yesterday and between the crucible and glory hole the studio was a nice 80 degrees! If I stood by the glory hole for too long I felt like I was going up in flames. It runs at about 2100 degrees too and doesn't have a door! HOT HOT HOT! Can you imagine doing this when it's 95 and humid out? Might be a good way to sweat off a few pounds!
I sure have a lot more respect and awe for the people who do this for a living in a glass factory. Maybe I won't complain quite as much about those $40/pound hand pulled odd lots anymore!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Applicant

How do they put the word out on the street? There's a whole communication system that we know nothing about except that it MUST exist. If we could figure it out we wouldn't need computers at all. We could just do the telepathic cat communication. I'd call it TCC. Sounds really official, doesn't it?
Right before Christmas, a beautiful orange long haired cat started coming up to eat out of the dry food bowl that's always on our deck. We have various and sundry critters that eat dry cat food. I've seen raccoons, possums, squirrels (yep) and birds (yep to that one too) eating dry cat food. Oh yeah, I've actually seen cats eating it too. :)
So anyway, this gorgeous, very skittish kitty starts coming around for some chow. Initially he'd run if he saw us looking at him but he realized pretty fast that if we were going to actually feed him we probably weren't going to hurt him. He took a few weeks but he got to the point that I could open the door to put out a bowl of canned cat food for him and he'd run but come right back up when I went in. He got less and less skittish when he realized that this nice hot meal was going to pretty much happen when he saw us.
During the week that Freckles was in the hospital he would actually run to the door when he'd see me with a can of food. Making progress here, right? The Saturday after Freckles came home, he looked at me, scrunched up his eyes and let me touch him. Well that was that. We became the very bestest of friends.
It took him a couple of days to decide that being inside in the warmth for at least a few minutes at a time was really a lot nicer than being outside in the freezing cold all the time. So he decided to fill out the application. While he was dotting the i's, crossing the t's and putting the paw to the dotted line, I was losing my Freckles.
How do I tell this lovely kitty who comes in my house, eats my food, uses my litter pan (and actually covers it!) that I just don't think he's my kitty. He's gorgeous, sweet and he's someone else's love. I'll take him to the vet and do that horrible deed to him but I am just not ready to have him in my life permanently. I will find him that loving home though and I'll take really good care of him until I do.
Patty, you reading this? :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Open Torch

Oh, we had so much fun yesterday! I made some gorgeous (I hope!) beads and so did everyone else. We ate, had lots of cake and just had a generally good time.

This is Lana and Darby talking. See all those dipped mandrels? We used them all during OT!

Lordy, when did I get so fat and grey? LOL That's Patty on the other torch.

Everyone having lots of fun and concentrating on the fire.

Getting ready for cake. That's Lana giggling in the back, Darby hugging Ofilia who's trying to pretend she's not there and Patty waiting for cake. Today is Ofilia's birthday and Patty had a birthday a few weeks ago. Ofilia brought the yummiest ever canoli cake ever!

Cassie is making one of her amazing bicones and Denise is watching her. Cassie hasn't been making beads all that long and makes some incredible beads.

So this is what OT is all about. There's a bunch of people from our former OT who need to come and join us. Hopefully as the weather gets better they will be able to do that. I'll post pictures of the beads later in the week as I won't get them until then.