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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lemon or Banana?

Don is cooking Saturday night and we're having friends over. He's going to make salad, crawfish etouffee and have some nice crusty bread. Yummm, huh? So I get to make desert. I have about a million little tart pans so I'm going make something that will fit in them. At first I was thinking about lemon tarts. I LOVE lemon tarts and they're pretty easy to make so it seems like a no brainer. Then I decided that maybe banana cream pie would be good. So I have everything to make banana cream pies and now I want to do lemon. Maybe I should do both. I'm thinking about doing lemon and tarting them up a bit. hahahaha. I'm going to put blueberries on them and then make some blue/purple whipped cream and pipe it on like violets. I may have to take a picture.

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