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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been a good day so far for me, how about for you? Don took me for a haircut and manicure this morning. That's always a nice start, right? Then we went for lunch to Mr. Beef. Not terribly romantic but pretty darn tasty. LOL They have great Italian Beef sammiches although their gardinaria kind of sucks. Give me HOT, not bland. I always ask for triple extra and it still isn't hot enough for me.
Then we went off hunting for real Polenta. We got everything for dinner yesterday except the polenta. Our local grocery kind of sucks but I still thought they'd have it. I had some great real, long cooking polenta here but when we got those stinkin' little moths in the pantry that had to go to. I'm starting to wonder if I brought it home from Italy. Anyway...I figured that if any place had it the great little Italian grocery on Taylor Street would have it. You just don't get any more Italian than this little grocery on Taylor. They had that ick in tubes and the instant crap. No. I want REAL polenta. You know. The kind like real oatmeal. The one that you actually have to cook for 45 minutes or so. The yummy kind. That's what I want. Can you believe it?!
So off we went to Whole Foods. Tube crap and instant crap there too. But we did find some finally in the 'exotic grain' section. YAY!!! Life is wonderful, right? Nope. I don't know why I just assumed that because it was organic and all natural it would be REAL. Aaaarrrrrghghghghg! I really hope the Macarpone cheese will take care of the taste (or lack thereof).
So what's for dinner, you ask. I'm starting with a Baby Greens Salad with cherry tomatoes, dried blueberries (if we have them), sunflower seeds and a cranberry/walnut dressing. Then we're having Osso Buco on Mascarpone Polenta. Desert will either be cheese or cake. I have my homemade (by me) Limoncello to settle it all down afterwards.
The house is really starting to smell good. I suppose I should go start doing something else in the kitchen now.
Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

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