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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Open Torch

Oh, we had so much fun yesterday! I made some gorgeous (I hope!) beads and so did everyone else. We ate, had lots of cake and just had a generally good time.

This is Lana and Darby talking. See all those dipped mandrels? We used them all during OT!

Lordy, when did I get so fat and grey? LOL That's Patty on the other torch.

Everyone having lots of fun and concentrating on the fire.

Getting ready for cake. That's Lana giggling in the back, Darby hugging Ofilia who's trying to pretend she's not there and Patty waiting for cake. Today is Ofilia's birthday and Patty had a birthday a few weeks ago. Ofilia brought the yummiest ever canoli cake ever!

Cassie is making one of her amazing bicones and Denise is watching her. Cassie hasn't been making beads all that long and makes some incredible beads.

So this is what OT is all about. There's a bunch of people from our former OT who need to come and join us. Hopefully as the weather gets better they will be able to do that. I'll post pictures of the beads later in the week as I won't get them until then.

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Robin Koza said...

Love the short hair-do Deb--looks great!! Where are you torching now??